VCRO's quality system is constructed based on its Company Mission, namely, to provide high quality, best efficiency, cost effective services to all of our clients. Quality policy is built based on the company mission and commit the entire VCRO team under Total Quality Management in delivering satisfactory clinical research services.

Going from quality policy, over 100 SOPs are on duty. They are all developed and updated according to applicable international guidance, including ICH guidelines, US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, US FDA 21 CFR Part 58, US FDA 21 CFR Part 312, OECD GLP, and TFDA GLP. They are continuously maintained and periodically reviewed by VCRO SOP committee, which is formed by VCRO senior management with multidisciplinary expertise areas. Internal audits on compliance of VCRO SOPs are performed to safeguard the integrity of VCRO quality system.

Management review committee is responsible to review each functioning group’s performance and overall quality according to the annual working, quality, and training plans to trigger improvements and enforce continuing growth in professional skills and quality goal.

The entire VCRO team is committed to deliver clinical research services in due quality to result in the highest level of customer satisfaction through the commitment of total quality management.

VCRO has accumulated abundant and proud quality records.  Out of approximately 120 external audits and authorities’ inspections, VCRO is able to maintain 100% approval and satisfaction outcomes.
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